Thursday, September 3, 2015

Well my domain is a work in progress. I basically threw up a glitch version of some trees my girlfriend Brianna Jones had drawn for me and called it a day. There's no way in, just subdomains hidden that are being worked on that will be linked up later on.

I'm not set on a design yet, only ideas, and the same goes for most of the projects I plan to do. I'm thinking now, it's blog time. This blog will definitely be an easier alternative to jump to for now rather than designing all the HTML and possibly the HTML5 I want to put into the new site. This being especially because most of the projects and ideas are not finished or started.

My current noise release idea is a "business card-shaped USB drive", prewritten and non-writable. I would have a design on them and a visual basic-driven menu that will load everything that's on it. Problem being: I want games on it too, with new soundtracks, and nothing is done. So for now, ISO files and MP3 files will flood a section of my site, having all of the music tracks I've concocted thus far.

This blog will soon (if not today) have a menu system in the theme's style editings that will lead to what I have up so far or plan to have up. I may use graphics also from an old site to arrange it.

Check out my college buddy's blog, featuring two of our games we made, Jack Montalto's Hazardous to your HP blog.